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Ensuring Instructional Equity - 2022 MC3 Winter Summit

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Last Updated: February 18, 2022

On February 11, 2022, MC3 proudly presented their Winter Summit entitled "Ensuring Instructional Equity." After enjoying a light breakfast, attendees from member districts enjoyed a keynote presentation from Scott Kercher on cultivating an inclusive mindset.

Scott Kercher presents to MC3 member districts on culturally responsive teaching (culturally responsive education).

The keynote offered our members opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue and offer insights about what is working and what may still be in need of improvement.

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Breakout Sessions

After our keynote and breakfast, members were invited to attend breakout sessions. Check out the session topics covered below.

Using Data to Increase Productive School PerformanceKathleen Miller, Stacey KodackParticipants will learn how to use data to change behaviors both in and out of the classroom. Through the use of Tier I & II supports to reduce disciplinary referrals, strategize how to improve classroom behaviors and implement positive support systems. Participants will have the opportunity to create their own point charts/Behavior Plans as well as learn how to chart the points and use them as a data point to improve behavior.
"Leveling the Playing Field Through Assessment"Jennifer Martins, Cara DimeoThe focus of this workshop will be on the design and use of assessment to support student learning and promote student growth. As a group of professionals we often talk about a growth mindset, but what are we doing in our daily routines to actually implement it?
Identity Lenses: Equity in the Workshop SettingTracy SkinnerIn this workshop, participants will learn methods of teaching equity in the workshop setting. This workshop is applicable to ELA supervisors and teachers grades 4-12.
Leveraging Project-Based Learning to Promote Student Engagement in a Multi-Modal Learning EnvironmentElizabeth Cole, Kim Meyer, Elizabeth Allen, Amy (Josie) SwansonMy results of this dissertation revealed how my teacher participants leveraged certain Project Based Learning (PBL) components with their students to promote behavioral, emotional, and/or cognitive engagement in remote, hybrid, and/or in-person learning environments. PBL is for All Kids. I will provide the qualitative findings and my teachers will present their reflections on their PBL implementation.
Back to the Alphabetical Code-Learners not LevelsJoy DanielsMy experience as a K-5 vice principal and Early Childhood Director has provided the opportunity to observe students struggle with reading. Watching a third grader break down the phonemes in the word "hatch" and 1st graders using pictures to read-I was able to view the behaviors that crippled our emergent readers. I was also able to observe programs and teacher practices that didn't support the Science of Reading or how children learn to read. Reading is a human right!
Of Water Balloons and History: Teaching Historic Research and STEAM Through Water BalloonsJames Fagen, Jason BryantMy colleague and I used to do a water balloon battle with our classes. Afterwards, the students would create archives and would then have to research the event using the primary and secondary sources created during the battle. As things involved, students began to design weapons, make paintings, and so on.
K-5 Conducting a Curriculum and Resource Self-StudyScott KercherParticipants will learn how to use curriculum equity tools to assess representation and diversity of classroom resources and curriculum documents. The NYU Culturally Responsive Curriculum Scorecard will be modeled, but other equity tools will be introduced to the teachers and administrators.
6-12 Celebrating Contributions, not just Histories.Scott KercherParticipants will learn how to move beyond the story of victimization of minority groups and incorporate lessons that convey positive contributions. This workshop will leverage the resources just released by the NJDOE to identify instructional materials that expand the narrative of diversity, equity and inclusion. This presentation will include entry points for all disciplines to meet the Diversity and Equity mandates.
Joy Daniels of Long Branch Public Schools provides educators with PD on practices that support the science of reading

Joy Daniels of Long Branch Public Schools provides educators with professional development on practices that support the science of reading.

Jennifer Martins and Cara Dimeo present on the design and use of assessment to support student learning and promote student growth

Jennifer Martins (Hazlet) and Cara Dimeo (Toms River) present on the design and use of assessment to support student learning and promote student growth

Lunch with Updates and Prizes

Prize winners were pulled from a hat while members enjoyed an opportunity to grab sandwiches, get updates from Deborah Bleisnick, and network with colleagues. Check out some of the lucky winners below:

MC3 member collects their prize. MC3 member collects their prize. MC3 member collects their prize. MC3 member collects their prize.


For our final portion of the summit, our members had several articulation sessions from which to choose.

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Here is a list of what was available to our members:

Ted WardellSupervisor of Math & Science, Monmouth RegionalComputer Science Curriculum & Instruction
Devyn OrozcoDirector of Staff Development and Special Projects, Middletown TownshipHealth and PE Curriculum Writing and Resources
Meagan DrapkinDirector of Curriculum and Instruction K-12/Supervisor of PreK, KeyportHigh School Tiered System of Supports
Stacie FerraraSTEM & PE Supervisor, NeptuneHigh School Math Pathways/NJSLA
Heather SchwarzDirector of Curriculum, HazletSummer Enrichment Programs
LindsayJablonskiSupervisor of Language Arts & Diversity Coordinator, West Windsor Plainsboro RegionalCulturally Responsive Practices in Language Arts
Michael BowmanSupervisor of ELA & Gifted &Talented, MarlboroEquity in Gifted & Talented Criteria/Practices
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Thank You!

The MC3 Executive Team would like to offer sincere thanks to all who attended and a special thank you to those who presented or led an articulation session. Your contributions were essential to the success of this summit, and the feedback we received from members was outstanding.